Foot Ankle Prosthetics

  • Odyssey K3 by College Park
  • Rush Foot® by Proteor USA
  • Maverick XTreme by Freedom Innovations
  • Flex-Foot ®by Össur
  • Kinterra by Freedom Innovations
  • Triton by Ottobock

Odyssey K3 by College Park

Introducing the next step in the Odyssey line of hydraulic feet from College Park. Hydraulic feet are renowned for increasing ground contact. The Odyssey K3 utilizes the patented curved hydraulic ankle plus a higher frequency carbon fiber foot base for increased dynamic response. The robust ankle housing and angular positioning was designed for moderate impact users able to balance without assistance. The combination of smooth hydraulics and a dynamic foot base brings exceptional performance during activities like aggressive city walking or multi-terrain hiking.


Rush Foot® by Proteor USA

INNOVATIVE DESIGN Radical simplicity delivers an unmatched range of motion from the unique roll-through design allowing for super smooth transition from heel strike through toe-off. No dead spots

NEW DYNAMIC MATERIAL Our glass composite was originally developed for aerospace applications and reimagined by PROTEOR USA to be the most flexible and durable composite material in the industry.

UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE Virtually indestructible even in the most extreme conditions. Maintain a natural gait even in the most rugged or uneven terrain. One foot for all your adventures. Water? Mud? Sand? No problem. Can your carbon foot say that?

Maverick Xtreme by Freedom Innovations

The Maverick Xtreme AT fiberglass foot comes with a split keel design that provides excellent inversion and eversion for enhanced ground compliance and patient stability on uneven terrains.  It was designed for active K3 and K4 level ambulators who require a product with increased durability without compromising the desired energy storage/return and smooth roll-over during stance phase of gait. The aerospace grade fiberglass combined with the innovative heel/keel design allows for a natural, flexible feel during activities of daily living (ADLs) and various strenuous exercises.



Flex-Foot® by Össur

Flex-Foot® Assure

The Flex-Foot Assure is ideal as a first prosthesis or a more permanent option for the less active, particularly those experiencing poor vascular health and/or diabetes.

Designed specifically for slower speed walkers, Flex-Foot Assure incorporates an active heel combined with the full-length keel that work together to protect the vulnerable sound limb. The proven design and simple fit of Assure allows basic ambulators to take advantage of premium technology just right for them.


The Vari-Flex provides an exclusive combination of comfort and dynamics.

The Vari-Flex is light-weight, easy to assemble and has a slender profile which makes it easy to cosmetically cover.

For users it ensures the highest levels of confidence and security. Offering natural gait with less fatigue and ultimately less strain on the lower back and sound side, it is the ideal foot for any activity.

Kinterra Foot/Ankle System by Freedom Innovations

Extraordinarily Normal

The Kinterra Foot/Ankle System combines hydraulics and carbon fiber technology to provide low to moderate impact K3 ambulators an exceptionally normal walking gait – regardless of surface angle or speed. The results are rock solid stability and the confidence for users to choose a new path.



Triton by Ottobock

Your will. Your way.
Do you lead a very active life and value an uncompromising response and control, even during high-impact activities? The 1C60 Triton was specially developed for very active users like you, who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place these exact demands on their prosthetic foot. The Triton supports dynamic, vigorous walking and offers you mobility at the highest level – so you can set your own goals and achieve them. Get ready for new adventures!