High Activity Below Knee Prosthetics

LimbLogic M by WillowWood

For transtibial amputees who prefer a simple, elevated vacuum system without compromising security, the LimbLogic M is an ideal option. This low build height, four-hole mount pump with rotatable distal pyramid provides clinicians easy set-up in a prosthesis and flexibility in componentry selection and alignment. With LimbLogic M an amputee may don their prosthesis and within a few steps have secure vacuum.

Distinguishing features of LimbLogic M are its adjustable vacuum settings and adjustable stiffness levels. Clinicians may select low or high vacuum settings by turning a screw on the posterior side of the pump. Additionally, by turning a screw inset into the distal pyramid, clinicians may increase or decrease the stiffness of the pump and its amount of shock absorption. With these features the LimbLogic M offers optimal patient comfort with secure elevated vacuum.




Triton Harmony by Ottobock