Above Knee Adjustable Sockets

The socket is the most critical component of your prosthesis. It distributes weight evenly across the entire surface of the residual limb, eliminating pressure points. Flexible, lightweight materials enable the socket to bend and expand along with the patient’s residual limb. Here are examples of adjustable sockets:

Socketless Socket by Martin Bionics

Rigid encapsulated sockets are uncomfortable — so we reinvented them from the ground up.

No more static socket shape, trapped heat, or rigid brim. You’ll be amazed and the difference in comfort and quality of life the Socket-less Socket’s™ ultra-conforming materials provide compared to a static rigid socket.



RevoFit™ by Ottobock


Infinite Socket™ by LIM Innovations

The most comfortable and adjustable custom socket for above-knee amputees. Every aspect of the Infinite Socket™ TF was designed and engineered with comfort and lifestyle in mind. The Infinite Socket™ TF mimics human anatomy to provide improved function, adjustability, and comfort.

Carbon-Fiber Struts. Each thermoplastic carbon-fiber strut is custom-molded to the contours of the user’s limb and allows the prosthetist to make modifications in response to shape and volume change.

Precise Adjustability. The Infinite Socket™ TF adjustable components enable both patients and clinicians to fine-tune fit for better comfort and control. A modular frame and carbon fiber struts make it easy for prosthetists to make modifications in response to body fluctuations. The built-in, anti-microbial, flexible brim can be loosened when sitting and tightened when walking to achieve optimal stability and comfort.

Dynamic Frame. The structural frame is designed to flex or spring like a bike frame or ski boot.

Improved Pressure Distribution. With integrated textiles and adjustable components, the Infinite Socket™ TF conforms seamlessly to the limb and enables superior comfort. Height adjustments on the ischial seat and medial brim on the Infinite Socket™ TF reduce weight-bearing on neuromas.