Microprocessor-controlled Prosthetic Knees

Microprocessor-controlled knees provide a more sophisticated method of control to a prosthetic knee than a mechanical prosthesis. These more complex knee joints are designed to help you walk with a much more stable and efficient gait that more closely resembles a natural walking pattern. Here are some examples of microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees:

The C-Leg®by Ottobock

The C-Leg® microprocessor-controlled knee provides you with the ability to speed up, slow down, go up hills, go down stairs and step-over-step objects. This is all done with a more natural gait.

Dependability you can count on. C-Leg continues the industry-leading tradition of improving outcomes for more than 70,000 fittings worldwide. With studies citing increased stability and reduced falls*, C-Leg is weatherproof, can be controlled with the iOS** and Android Cockpit app, and makes walking backward easier. Whether on sidewalk steps or dodging subway crowds, C-Leg helps transform the way you walk.


Genium Technology by Ottobock

The Genium™ Bionic Prosthetic System is the result of extensive research and development efforts as well as over 14 years of practical experience with the C-Leg® prosthesis system. A breakthrough in prosthetic knee joints, the Genium is based on a completely new technology platform, fueled by advances in control technology.

Reclaim your strength. With the market launch of the Genium leg prosthesis in 2011, Ottobock opened up entirely new horizons for prosthesis wearers: an unprecedented, natural gait pattern, taking stairs step-over-step, overcoming obstacles, walking backwards, relaxed standing – to name just a few examples. For the first time, people with a transfemoral amputation experienced a range of new functions that provided perfect support for their desire to live a more active and independent everyday life. The benefits of being fitted with a Genium have been scientifically proven in multiple studies.*



The Genium X3 by Ottobock

Choose powerful versatility
The Genium X3 has now been developed even further for smoother, more intuitive walking, improved safety, and better support in everyday situations. Additionally, the Genium X3 is simple to control using the Cockpit app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Building on the unique functionality of the Genium leg prosthesis, the Genium X3 is particularly robust and resilient. Physically demanding occupations, an active family life, swimming and sports activities, and situations where you encounter water, dust, sand, dirt, or grime – these are the ideal conditions for the Genium X3.



The Orion3 by Endolite

Orion3 is suitable for K3 users who would benefit from stability on different terrains, slopes and steps and for those wishing to walk naturally and efficiently at either single or varying speeds.

The safety and stability of Orion3 encourages users to evenly distribute their weight, offloading their sound side and lower back to reduce aches and pains commonly reported by amputees.



The Rheo Knee by Ossur

The RHEO KNEE is a microprocessor-controlled knee with an optimal combination of stability and safety. It enables exceptionally natural and effortless gait – even on difficult terrain. The RHEO KNEE is easy to fit, and delivers reliable user outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Auto adaptive real-time stance and swing control.
  • Dependable and easy swing initiation on all surfaces.
  • Automatic stumble recovery.
  • Manual extension lock.
  • Weatherproof design allows exposure to fresh water splashes.
  • Accompanying Össur Logic app for iOS devices provides:
  • Simple practitioner setup and adjustment, and printable user activity reports.
  • Functional training exercises for improved user confidence.
  • Selection of user preferences and monitoring of step count and battery charge level.
  • Smart Extension makes raising from a squatted position easier with less resistance.
  • Facilitates stepping over obstacles and stepping backwards.