Hand Prosthetics

  • X-Finger by Didrick Medical
  • i-limb™ digits & i-limb™ ultra by Touch Bionics
  • Body Powered Finger by Advanced Arm Dynamics

BodyPowered Finger

Bodypowered finger solutions may be created with multiple fingers, a single finger or a partial finger(s). … These prostheses are custom built to match a person’s sound side or to match any remainingfingers. Advanced Arm Dynamics has played a key role in the research, development and beta testing ofelectric fingers.

photo by Advanced Arm Dynamics

The X-Finger

The world’s first active-function artificial finger assembly designed specifically for partial finger amputees. It allows users to regain complete control of the flexion and extension movements of an artificial finger in a self-contained device. It is designed to bend a silicone finger in a realistic manner.




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