Below Elbow Prosthetics

  • Bebionic3 by Bebionic
  • Michelangelo by Otto Bock
  • Touch Bionics I-limb by Ossur
  • NEXO System by Fillauer


This hand is reliable, speedy and versatile. Bebionic3 can be configured to handle almost anything you need to do. Bebionic3 can be worn daily, withstand the stresses of day to day activity and the strains of constant use.

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The human hand is capable of astounding feats. The precision and speed of our hands can be trained. Replicating the natural form and as many of the functions of the natural hand as possible is one of the greatest challenges for prosthetic technology. The Michelangelo Hand provides incredible function – and the freedom that goes along with it. Thanks to its special design, it integrates beautifully into a natural body image. Four high-quality AxonSkin gloves are available for the Michelangelo Hand. Show off the fascinating design of the Michelangelo Hand with the translucent glove.