Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics can be either custom or prefabricated. They may be designed from a variety of materials for a wide spectrum of purposes, from functional to accommodative. Whatever their form, foot orthotics are designed to perform one or more of the following:

  • Improve foot function

  • Change foot alignment

  • Realign ankle position

  • Shift knee alignment

  • Protect or accommodate the foot

  • Prevent the formation of calluses and blisters

  • Offload a painful or sensitive segment of the foot

Foot orthotics can reposition the structures in the foot to optimize biomechanical function and reduce the chance of injury. Foot orthotics may sometimes benefit a range of individuals that suffer with pain in their feet, knees, hips, and lower back. Those individuals who spend a great deal of time on their feet through excessive standing or walking in their work environment have a higher risk of injury. Athletes or anyone involved in a sporting activity are also predisposed to a greater level of compromise.

Children’s Foot Orthotics

Children grow at a rapid pace. To help avoid the cost of custom orthotics that would quickly be outgrown, customized prefabricated inserts are available.