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Diabetic and Therapeutic Footwear

The terms Therapeutic or Diabetic Shoes usually conjures up the image of black bulky shoes. While those shoes are still available, they are no longer your only option. Today’s Therapeutic or Diabetic shoes come in a wide range of styles and colors and features to meet the individual need of the patient. At Access Prosthetics we pride ourselves on taking the time to assess each patient’s individual footwear needs and recommend shoes that will not only meet your medical needs, but the needs of your life as well.

Foot health is important for everyone but especially for people with diabetes. The simplest ulcer or callus can cause significant trouble leading to pain in your feet or even amputations.

Therapeutic or Diabetic Shoes are shoes that offer support and protection for your feet and reduce the risk of skin breakdown, primarily in cases of poor circulation, neuropathy and foot deformities. The interior of the shoes are usually made with soft material and with no protruding stitching. The upper of the shoe in the front part of the foot should be soft and with no overlays across the bunions to eliminate pressure points and some shoes are made with stretchable uppers that shape to the contours of feet with deformities or have a deeper toe box to accommodate deformities. These shoes have extra depth to accommodate diabetic insoles or foot orthotics, and offer a loose, pressure free fit. These shoes are available in a variety of widths to improve fit and protection.

To qualify for Diabetic footwear, the M.D. or D.O. treating the diabetes must certify that the individual:

1. Has diabetes.

2. Has one or more of the following conditions in one or both feet:

  • history of partial or complete foot amputation
  • history of previous foot ulceration
  • history of preulcerative callus
  • nerve damage because of diabetes with signs of problems with calluses
  • poor circulation
  • foot deformity

3. Is being treated under a comprehensive diabetes care plan and needs therapeutic shoes and/or inserts because of diabetes.

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